VOICES OF HISTORY by Franklin Editor Watts


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Great speeches and papers of the year 1941 -- this should prove a useful reference now and a primary source book for students tomorrow. In order of date, month by month, the speeches of world leaders, vital papers, declarations of war, diplomatic exchanges, treaties, agreements, radio speeches, reports to Congress and Parliament -- all are brought together to make a panorama of the written and spoken word in this crucial year. The text is presented without comment. Each month is introduced by a chronology of events. Charles Beard, in an introduction, expresses his belief that this is a war different from any other in history, and that the necessity of marshalling all authoritative information bearing upon our entry is a vital thing. In advising the editor on the material to include, he has stressed inclusion of speeches and papers revealing policy, intentions and so on. Good piece of book making for so bulky a volume.

Publisher: Franklin Watts, Inc.