WILD TONGUES: A Handbook of Social Pathology by Franklin Littell

WILD TONGUES: A Handbook of Social Pathology

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Mr. Littell's book is an ill-conceived and poorly written appeal to Christians to take a stand with respect to the ""ideological movements and systems . . . [placing] our constitutional order in question."" The position which he recommends is squarely in the middle between the totalitarian extremes of both Right and Left, a position which he describes (perhaps with something less than perfect accuracy) as that proper and fitting for the Christian Church. The author views political radicalism as an actively anti-religious, rather than as an a-religious, phenomenon--a view unsupported by arguments advanced. He is at his best in explaining ""How to Identify Totalitarian Movements"" where he flails out to the right and to the left with every available weapon, including, occasionally, inaccuracy. And his aim is good. William Buckley Jr. comes in for some rather nasty treatment, although Mr. Littell goes a bit far (following in the footsteps of Gore Vidal) in inferring neoNazi, or at least crypto-Nazi, tactics, if not tendencies. Another target is Senator James Eastland on the charge of anti-Semitism re the affaire Fortas. Meanwhile, Mr. Littell has some totalitarianisms of his own to propose; e.g., ""No Communists or members of the John Birch Society should be suffered in the government."" If there is such a creature as an extremist of the Christian center, then he is the audience for this unlikely book.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1969
Publisher: Macmillan