INNOCENT MERRIMENT An Anthology of Light Verse by Franklin P. Adams

INNOCENT MERRIMENT An Anthology of Light Verse

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F P A has vied with John Kieran on Information Please for first place as source of information on poetry, ancient and modern. He now produces for his reading public a voluminous bit of evidence of the soundness of his knowledge. This is as comprehensive a survey of literature with a view to selecting ""light verse"" as could be imagined. Carolyn Wells and Burges Johnson have made contributions of the kind, in miniature. This is a giant -- a reference and source book in the field to shut out all contestants. Take-offs, parodies, burlesques, sheer entertainment, light love, nonsense, satire, panegyric, song, story, sport, paraphrase -- thus he breaks down his classifications. All the accepted and expected names are here --the Carryls and Carroll, Burgess, Guiterman, Don Marquis, Milne, Morley, Dorothy Parker, E. B. White, Gilbert, Herford, Lear, Fishback, Nash, and so on and so on. From classic sources, Ben Jonson, Keats, Pope, Thackeray, Swift; from the moderns, Robinson, Benet, Millay, Edman; and countless more. No anthology pleases everyone; but it will be captious critics that carp at this. I trust the indexing is ample and foolproof.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1942
ISBN: 0548062463
Publisher: Whittlesey