?RGEN THE GULL by Franklin Russell


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As lovely a book as Watchers At the Pond (1961), this tells the story of a herring gull and conveys a panoramic view of the world in which he lives as well as an almost uncanny sense of what it must feel like to be a gull. Argen is born in an island gullery off the coast or Newfoundland, among thousands of other gulls, and he survives for sixteen years. Often a solitary, drifting across miles of ocean, through stroms, bitter winters and disasters, Argen is a voracious, curious, intelligent personality, a leader among gulls during mating seasons, and an observer of the incredibly competitive, life-and-death world of the sea and the sky. The writing is strong, harshly poetic, informed. Although the lifespan of such books. (The Great Auk: The Peregrine Falcon) is variable, this book should attract an audience of all age.

Publisher: Knopf