CUTER TOOTER by Franklin Stetson Clark
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An outstanding book in every respect, Cuter Tooter is the freshly told story of a small boy, Bob Brown, an engaging little donkey, Cuter Tooter, and a long long trip to Colorado in 1898 to bring back cavalry horses for Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. Warmly nostalgic, the America of the turn of the century seen through a wide-eyed boy's eyes comes to life. The thrills of boyhood then, of riding in a real elevator, of ordering a donkey cart from the Montgomery Ward catalogue are vitally recalled here. The great day when Cuter wins a prize in the victory parade to celebrate Teddy Roosevelt's triumph at San Juan Bill and proves to all the world he's not a jackass but a donkey makes a perfect climax for this very simply told genre tale. Crisp and lively woodcuts by Gil Miret suit the story ideally. A delightful reading experience well within the grasp of slow fifth grade readers.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard