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If one thinks of the picture Judgment at Nuremberg as a thriller -- the play (or book) The Diary of Anne Frank and the history The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich as blood-curdling -- then here is yet another in the genre, a carefully edited and really penetrating chronicle of the trial bracketing related material. It is subtitled ""A History of Nazi Germany as Revealed Through the Testimony at Nuremberg"" and this precisely describes the contents. There are the pre-war historical facts, including a brief but novel view of the Spanish Civil War, recitals of atrocities, outrages and pogroms, full reports on Lidice, the Warsaw Ghetto, the Katyn Case- and an almost clinical diagnosis of the personal moral and philosophical condition of the German rulers and people emerges as the Trial unfolds. Adolf Eichmann is mentioned only in passing, but the implication is unmistakable. There is recurrent examination of the fantastic international machinations of the era. As one becomes conscious of the categories of the Trial indictment, the structural shape emerges and one is aware of the means by which the Tribunal actually proved the legal guilt of 18 of the 21 defendants, while the fates of other top Nazis are sketched in for background. The tension created is much the same as that of the TV broadcasts of the Eichmann Trial. We are made aware that we must not forget the six million and their fellow victims in every creed and nationality.

Pub Date: June 30th, 1962
Publisher: World