ME AND CALEB by Franklyn E. Meyer
Kirkus Star


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Distant relatives (we feel) of the old Tom and Huck gang -- ""Me"" (that's Bud Wallings) ""and Caleb"" (his zany brother) confess their antics to that nameless league of male mischief-makers. Set in the quiet little town of Harleyville, Missouri, these adventures are strictly designed for comrades in spirit -- a behind-the-scenes description of what really goes on during the peaceful months of summer and on those restful afternoons of Spring and Fall. Before anything happens, ""Me and Caleb"" become a trio -- joined by a stray dachshund dubbed Petunia. She proves herself worthy of this exalted membership when Dink Fowler sets up a little bet with the boys that his canine terror, Rupert, could easily win a dog fight. On the day of battle, Rupert takes one look at a dog accustomed to surviving alone in a dog-eat-dog world, and he retreats-tail between legs-with his master in tow. Gramps' farm is the scene of good times too and Halloween, of course, is the big day of the year as bacon-greased doorknobs and wild trick or treatin' are the hilarious order of business. A set of independent episodes will thoroughly delight and, alas, inspire the young gremlin. A book with natural boy appeal for both sexes. Follett Award.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1962
Publisher: Follett