EVERYONE READY? by Franz Brandenberg


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The Brandenbergs' latest Fieldmouse family story begins with a rush to the train station and scarcely slows down through five delightfully funny chapters. Ten minutes before train time, with father fussing at the door, ""No one was ready""--and Aliki's depiction of the snags in their frantic preparation works as a staccato counterpoint to the words. Finally, to a minute-by-minute countdown, the Fieldmice head for the train: "". . . 'One!' called Esther. The Fieldmouse children climbed on the train. 'Zero!' called Ferdinand. The train was off."" But ""Mother and Father Fieldmouse were left behind."" More crises on the train, then a mad dash back to their own station in Uncle Albert's car--only to turn around again when they spy the parents boarding a second train. ""If it wasn't so serious it would be funny,"" pipes Colette. The whole process threatens to repeat itself when it's time to go home after dinner--but ""Why don't you stay overnight?"" says Aunt Kate (""Oh, please!"" ""Yes!"" ""Oh, please please please!"" ""I bet they won't let us!"" from the little fieldmice), and wonder of wonders the parents say yes. If there's a family that hasn't been through it, they shouldn't miss it. For the rest of us, chuckles of recognition.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1979
Publisher: Greenwillow