IT'S NOT MY FAULT by Franz Brandenberg


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There's a bit of the ""good bunnies always obey"" air to the Brandenbergs' latest pair of tales about the Fieldmouse family; but the mouse kids are as fetching as ever in their checkered frocks and short pants, and the balloon-borne exchanges that extend their squabbles into the pictures add an extra layer of humor to the stories. The first concerns Bertrand Fieldmouse who won't share the blocks. But when the others go off and leave them all to him, he realizes that castles and towers are no fun without someone to admire them--or even to knock them down. The second story has all the children making soup, then being sent from the table one by one--for spilling, nudging, blame-passing--before they can eat it. When the parents find themselves squabbling over who's to blame for sending the children off, the episode ends in a good-natured laugh with everyone called back to enjoy the soup. As these fieldmice have already established themselves as our own siblings under the skin, readers will probably accept a little family therapy for the chance to smile again at their all-too-human comportment.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1980
Publisher: Greenwillow