LEO AND EMILY'S BIG IDEAS by Franz Brandenberg


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The irresistible duo of last year's Leo and Emily play catch with bright ideas for livening up their idle time. The first session ends with the two dressing up in Leo's father's suit, to scare people. They don't scare anyone except--a formula touch--Leo himself when he looks in the mirror; but they make an amusing sight. Emily's good idea to sit out the rain under a tilted door (her ""garden shed"") gets them both wet, but they have lots of fun drying off in the garage. Finally, less lovably, Emily and Leo become entrepreneurs, sending away for 100 ten-cent flags and, though ""they look like three-cent flags to me"" (Emily), reselling enough at 20 cents to cover their investment and their garden shed. What keeps the stories going so engagingly are the smart remarks the two kids trade back and forth, in the snappy text and in the delightfully frisky drawings.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1982
Publisher: Greenwillow