NO SCHOOL TODAY! by Franz Brandenberg


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Early for school ""for a change,"" Edward and Elizabeth browse in front of the bakery, pet shop and toy store and watch some firemen dousing a building, then find the classrooms empty when they do arrive. But when they go home with the news that there's ""no school today,"" their parents tell them that they were too early and send them back, ""just in time"" as usual. The fact that Edward and Elizabeth and the whole pictured population are not humans but cats adds some appeal to this insubstantial pleasantry for lovers of their species (though others may find them, like the story, just a bit cute) and Aliki's crayoned pictures are full of diverting incidentals of the sign and shop window variety, but never as detailed or sophisticated as her June 7! (KR 1974).

Pub Date: March 1st, 1975
Publisher: Macmillan