THAT I MAY KNOW HIM by Franz Hofmans


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It is Father Hofmans' intention in this book to answer three questions about Christ: what did he say? what did he do? The specific difference of the work was to have been that it answered these questions in terms of modern needs, and in a style and form that would pose no difficulties for the reader who is not a specialist. Answer the questions he does, and in a competent, workmanlike way: but his style is dust-dry, his sympathies on the scholarly side, and his use of catchall words (""witnessing"", etc.) as irritating as the expressions themselves are nebulous. None of which is meant to infer that this is not a sound, and even valuable, indagation of the implications for man of the Biblical Christ. It will strike the reader, however, as more a traditional than a ""modern"" presentation.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1968
Publisher: Newman