ONE AMERICAN by Frazier Hunt


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In spite of the flood of foreign correspondents books, this is top-notch reading. ""Spike"" Hunt has followed revolts of the masses all over the world and observes with sympathy these struggles, talks with new leaders and tries to give what he can of the truth of the happenings as he has seen them. He writes of all these peoples -- Mexican, Russian, Siberian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, German, American -- with the greatest of understanding, making no attempt to go into the various phases of political or economic creeds, but as a layman dealing with human beings, their hopes, dreams, ambitions and their courage. A champion of the underdog, an informal commentator, a hardy newspaper man, an acquaintance and friend of many celebrities --he gives his book plenty of interest and entertainment for almost any reader.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1938
Publisher: Simon & Schuster