CAP"" MOSSMAN: Last of the Great Cowmen by Frazier Hunt

CAP"" MOSSMAN: Last of the Great Cowmen

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An informal biography of ""Cap"" Mossman who started out as a twenty-one year-old cowboy in New Mexico 1848 and retired in 1944, one of the truly big cattlemen of America's West. The story of Cap's career as cowboy, ranch manager, ranger captain and big-time cattleman is really the story of the cleaning up of the West, and there's enough cowpunching, rustler hunting, and derring-do to satisfy the insatiable Western fan, and for older boys Cap's life as captain of the famed Arizona Rangers will be the high spot of the book for rustlers are hunted, caught and killed with gratifying rapidity. The book moves along at a fast clip and the 16 pages of drawings by Ross Santee are an added attraction for the Western market and for young people.

Publisher: Hastings House