HORSES AND HEROES by Frazier & Robert Hunt
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A juvenile came out recently called Horses of Destiny by Fairfax Downey. Despite a rather uninspired style, this book has proved enormously popular in public libraries in the early and middle teens. The true story aspect has its unfailing appeal. Now comes this very much better book, on all counts. There is some duplication of famous horses and their owners, but much of the material is refreshingly new, and the focus is first on the horses themselves. There's historical value not only in the anecdotal quality, but in the chronological history of the horse in America implicit in the stories, which introduce the Spanish horse here, the famous English racer, great Virginia sire, the beginning of trotting races, the establishment of the famous Morgan line, trail records, pony express, cross continental and inter-continental treks, the quarter horse, saddle horse, cow pony. A richly varied, broad panorama of ""horses and heroes"". Plus juvenile sale.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner