GEORGE ADE by Fred C. Kelly


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The biography of an American humorist who not only went everywhere and knew everybody, but who was an internationally loved figure. A Hoosier from Indiana, Ade's recollections and writings are strongly flavored with that region. He found he did not fit into active country life, and at Purdue, he found college and urban life widening his interest in people, sharpening his shrewd, directed observation. Later he was part of that literary nursery of Chicago of the day, and won first acclaim as a humorist, then as a columnist, and finally national notice with his Fables in Slang. Ultimately his fame as a playwright spread across the sea, kept alive his love of travel and sent him back home contented to play country squire. A long, smooth, happy life that mirrors a man who wrote without pretensions, understood common thought and talk, whose quality and variety of writing was a mark of his period- the early years of the 20th century, who influenced the language of the times, and who represented indigenous American humor. An admiring, loving account that fills a niche in period literary figures, but that lacks the spark that might make it popular biographical reading.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill