THE MOLECULE MEN by Fred & Geoffrey Hoyle


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A happily pixilated brace of stories solidified by the speculative scientific footwork of the elder astrophysicist Hoyle. ""The Molecule Men"" concerns a fluid invader who takes over Earth by way of shape changes through a summit conference of blanked-out world leaders. But it all begins on a low level of intimidation: "". . . a man has turned somehow into a swarm of bees. . . ."" If you've assumed there's something nasty in that Scots tourist attraction ""The Monster of Loch Ness"" there is -- and when it's bombed for its subversive activities, it raises hell. The style's a bit crowded and ragged but these are two examples of the triumph of matter over method.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1972
Publisher: Harper & Row