THE CRIME OF CHRISTENDOM by Fred Gladstone Bratton


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The phenomenon of recurrent anti-Semitism has variously been attributed to causes economic, political, psychological, sociological and ethnic. These factors, Mr. Bratton believes, are themselves effects, or manifestations, rather than causes. The ultimate source of anti-Semitism, he believes, is the doctrines of Christianity, and he supports that position by a thorough investigation of the history of anti-Semitism from the time of Jesus to the present. It is not, of course, a new position. The same thesis has been advanced in recent years, and with much effect, by a Protestant minister, James Parkes, and by a Catholic priest, Edward H. Flannery. The virtue of Mr. Bratton's book is that it takes the rather academic and scholarly argumentations of Parkes and Flannery into the market-place, laying blame where blame is due, on the steps of the Christian churches, in plain sight of everyone. One might wish that the author did not succumb occasionally to the temptation to oversimplify complex historical situations, and sometimes to indulge in lamentation; but these are comparatively small faults in a book of undoubted merit which should attract some attention among intelligent Christian laymen.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1969
ISBN: 1564741222
Publisher: Beacon