ESCAPE TO THE SEA: The Log of A Homemade Sailor by Fred Rebell

ESCAPE TO THE SEA: The Log of A Homemade Sailor

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This is more than just another sea book or odyssey of adventure; there is in it a spiritual force, the indomitable will that motivated such a voyage. There may have been other records of single-handed voyages but none more remarkable than this. Armed with a knowledge of seamanship and navigation obtained in the Sydney Public Library, a home-made sextant constructed of iron scrap, a hack saw blade for scale, bits of a stainless steel knife as mirrors, he set out in a second hand 18-foot open boat. His charts were pencilled sketches from out dated atlases, and this undaunted navigator sailed from Australia to the United States. That the author is unique as an individual is indicated not only by his ability to complete so mad a voyage, but through the record of his emotional experiences, revealed in his naive record...With which report our specialist says that he is exhausted after the trip and is going to sail boats in the bath tub and relax.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1939
Publisher: Dodd, Mead