THE REBUILT MAN: The Story of Spare Parts Surgery by Fred Warshofsky

THE REBUILT MAN: The Story of Spare Parts Surgery

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A solid, historical approach to the development of human tissue and organ transplantation and replacement far superior in handling to Harold Schmeck's The Semi-Artificial Man (Walker- p. 45). The major problem of this branch of medicine and surgery (actually it is not a surgical problem) is how to control the body's automatic, immunological defense against foreign material and it is quickly identified. This gives a unity to the following descriptions of experiments, research and the practical attempts to save and/or improve lives by replacing unhealthy or damaged organs. This goes back to the pioneering work of Drs. Guthrie and Alexis Carrel, on to today's lung, heart, limb, kidney and cornea replacement procedures, and the author has carefully controlled the operating room drama.... A balanced, informative survey which will be useful to the young adult and up.

Publisher: Crowell