FUTURES by Freda Bright


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A crackerjack Wall Street whiz, torn between career and motherhood, finds the prize not in competition, but in being ""cherished, protected, to have her husband stand between her and the harshness of the outside world."" Caro Harmsworth, M.B.A. from Harvard B. School and doing her damndest for Venture Capital (spotting new business and bright ideas), certainly doesn't start out as nest-making material. She's a confirmed libber, daughter of a gutsy documentary-filmmaker mother (who was almost never home). She's excited by her job. And though she's eerily attracted to tough, frightening boss Dan (who likes ""soft"" women), Caro finds modern marriage ideal--with bright, passionate Tom, writer/lecturer for a fading ecology magazine. But then Caro gets pregnant; she decides on abortion (Tom's eyes light up in relief); she changes her mind. And when she first sees baby daughter Sasha, ""Care Harmsworth discovered her vocation. She was a born mother."" Tom, however, is not a born father: Sasha would ""restrict his space,"" hold him back. Tom's father, you see, had to give up his dreams to support his family--and, dear me, it seems that ""the prime beneficiaries of the women's movement are men like Tom."" So Tom leaves, Care is miserable, and throws herself at old-fashioned Dan the Man (""Drunk with anguish. . . she flung herself at his feet. . . .'Please love me.' "")--who, ever the gentleman, pries her off. But they will get together, after the divorce. . . as suburban housekeeper Care decides that the power to buy and sell is nothing compared to the power to ""create happiness, evoke love."" Spongy romance--aimed at the career girls who'd dump it all in a second for Play-Doh.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1983
Publisher: Poseidon/Pocket Books--dist. by Simon & Schuster