RICHARD'S WHEEL by Freda Lingstrom


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Fiction as a pathway to fact is an ancient and honorable device. However there-are a few rules of the road and they've all been violated here. Richard becomes obsessed with wheels -- their history, their parts, and their uses. The whole family (large and overdescribed) gets whirled into Richard's preoccupation, especially Grandpa. After endless discussion and reminiscence, Richard and his grandfather build a wheel. On the very day that it is finished, Richard's best friend is drowning just as Richard goes bowling by with his project. Viola-- the wheel is rolled to the non-swimmer and a life is saved as he floats to safety on it. (Our Rules of the Road)-- 1. Fact should not be obscured by plot. 2. The vagueness of human conversation should not transfer to verifiable facts necessary to the history of the subject. 3. The object under discussion need not and should not become the vehicle that brings the fictional episodes to a climax. Let Richard roll by.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1963
Publisher: Roy