THE CHINA STORY by Freda Utley


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It is difficult to disassociate one's presumption of Freda Utley's viewpoint in approaching this angry book presenting the case against the Administration, the State Department, the Press, as wholly to blame for the impasse in Asia. But it is only fair to say that in marshalling her facts, she has brought to the fore some data that needed to be presented, an angle on events that should be considered. She is an enthusiast advocate of Chiang K-hek and feels that in withholding military aid and suppressing the Welemyer Report we precipitated the defeat of the Nationalists and the war in Korea, that the charges of graft and corruption revealed our ignorance of the Oriental nature, that we tymied the forces of progressive democracy. Her story of ""blackmail"" effort to win Chiang -- and his loyalty to America was new to me. And her claim that even now Chinese Intelligence, though demonstrably sound, is ignored is something to The part of her book that will be most discussed and challenged is the last half, in which she name name and supports her charges with carefully called quota, in her contention that an influential minority in Washington have defined the ar Eastern policy, loaded the dice in favor of the advance of Communism, Russian brand. General Stilwll, Agnes Smedley, Ambassor Clark Kerr, Evans Clarkson, John Davles, Raymond Paul Ludden, John Carter Vincent, Dean Rusk, Joseph E. Johnson, and the often written. Edgar Snow, Owen Lattimore, Jack Belden, Annalee Jacoby, Theolore White, Mark Gayn, Richard Lauterbach, Vera Micheles Dean, Philip Jessup, Foster Rhea Dul -- these are perhaps the best known among those she charges with being spearheads, tools and dupes of the Soviet. Some of this came out on the witness stand before the Tydlings Committee. Much of it is given fresh force by context. A presentation that will be applauded in many quarters, discounted in others.

ISBN: 1104846667
Publisher: Regnery