THE RELUCTANT REPUBLIC by Frederic F. Van de Water
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Every Vermonter -- wherever he may roam -- is potential market for this book. Most New Englanders, by inheritance as well as by residence, will find this story of Vermont, up to the time of its statehood, a fascinating bit of Americana. From the stormy days when settlers had to battle against odds of nature, against Indian wariness, through the almost continuous struggle to hold off clutching hands -- Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York all claimed the land that became Vermont. Then, with Ethan Allen as leader, the Green Mountain Boys wrote history -- they fought for their right to their own homes, they fought against French and Indians and British -- they fought against Yorkers. And, with the Declaration of Independence, they fought to uphold the right to their own independence, and for a period, ignored by many historians, they maintained a separate republic, a sore spot in the new and struggling country. Fascinating reading, anecdotal, dramatic. But to those far from the eastern seaboard, it may seem overmuch detail, for one rugged bit of a great country. Vermont is celebrating her sesquicentennial this year. The publishers will supply a circular or a postcard, according to your needs.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1941
Publisher: John Day