GLORY HUNTER by Frederic F. Van de Water
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Another idol smashed. Here is a revealing biography of George Armstrong Custer, ""the Boy General with the Golden Locks"" -- the good sword, the hero, the martyr. For more than fifty years, the legends about Custer have grown. A romantic figure, killed with his men in a Sioux ambuscade, under dramatic circumstances, he has become the most famous of American military figures. Now comes this biographer, contending that Custer was a vain, rash glory-hunter, a miserable tactician, a poor leader, an insubordinate follower. He proves, specifically, that the tragedy of Little Big Horn was the result of bad judgment and headlong rashness. And he produces documentary evidence to prove his point. Interestingly written, it should have a good sale, not only to those who like history, but to men who like good adventure, and material dealing with the west and the Indian wars.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1934
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill