NO OTHER HUNGER by Frederic Mullally


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If man is a creature of his appetites, this then is for men--a short order of sex and a large order of action-adventure which takes place in one of the recently independent Dutch colonies in Asia. American born John Schaffer runs a private membership club there, lives happily with his Baramese bedmate, Sa-laki, and is arrested presumably for having blackballed some of the new military, among them Colonel Azis, from the club, latently because of his relationship with Sa-laki, and actually because ""every historic failure produces its scapegoat."" The Baramese in their take-over actually want to expel all foreigners. Most of the book, and the best part of the book, deals with his long internment and trial in which he is accused as a saboteur, gun runner and rapist. The pomegranate passion love scenes before and after (even in the prison camp where he is originally supposed to spend four years) are less likely. Mr. Mullally writes a very physical prose and gives his story an aggressive readability. The publishers hope that it will find a substantial market.

Publisher: McKay