MARIANNE by Frederic Mullally


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Robert Sullivan, a British newspaperman, an ""indestructible romantic "", at the request of an acquaintance undertakes to write the story of the life- and expose of the death- of Marianne, murdered at 19 in Tangier. Marianne, precociously erotic, a sort of toujours tristesse of naivete and experience, sends him to Paris, and a one-eyed Lesbian (her casualty), to the Rivier and the painter who was tormented by her, to her next teammate in an Italian film colony-the brown-skinned Franky, to Ibiza and the fisherman she was to marry, and finally to the Casbah in Tangier where her ""demoniac potentialities"" were fulfilled.... Frederic Mullally, who describes himself as an ""advanced dilettante"", could also be called a nature decadent- and his account of a crime passionel is not much more than a hash-ish of sadism and sex.

Publisher: Viking