CODE OF A CHAMPION by Frederic Nelson Litten


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It is difficult to imagine why this type of novel is published for young people-revealing as it does a limited, stultified point of view toward a particular cultural group. The plot of the story is concerned with the struggles of a young G.I., Ross Vincent, in a small town in Louisiana to drive from power a scheming and ruthless politician, son of a ""barefoot Cajun who couldn't write his name"". Ross succeeds in besting the politician. In tracking down some shady deals, and training a beautiful setter who turns out to be a real champion in skill and heart. Also, there is a happy understanding between Ross and the bad man's beautiful daughter. However, it is unfortunate that all through this well developed story with its action and dog interest there should run an under-current of contempt for the ""Canjuns"" and a depressing traditional treatment of the Negro. Juvenile literature which perpetuates rather than surmounts clicheed thinking handicaps instead of stimulates an active mind.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1950
Publisher: Westminster