SINISTER ISLAND SQUADRON by Frederic Nelson Litten


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Fast moving, action, mystery and thrills, in the story of Japanese-born American Gilbert Warriner and his senior partner, Jim Grace, whose engineering business is ruined when Tokyo orders all their contracts cancelled. The ship on which they are returning to the States is wrecked in a typhoon and they are separated; Gil is rescued, becomes a pilot for the Air Transport Command and learns of Jim's escape from the wreck. Pearl Harbor sends Gil to enlist in the Navy Air Force and he has his troubles in spite of five years' flying experience, getting his wings. Assigned to carrier duty in the Pacific, he is wounded, becomes a Jap prisoner and runs into Jim, who appears to be a Jap agent. But excitement mounts as Jim, now joined by Gil, wrecks his vengeance on the enemy. Modern paced and styled.

ISBN: 0548066868
Publisher: Dodd, Mead