AGE OF THUNDER by Frederic Prokosch


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Less significant than his earlier books, this is the rather nebulous tale of a young soldier in the south of France. Without full knowledge of his destination, Jean Nicolas Martin joins others who travel by night, engaged on a secret mission not wholly outlined. The first night is spent with a group in the underground which includes Quivar, a Negro from Martinique, whose need for revenge can never be satisfied; then he meets up with a family of Italians, unwanted in any country, among whom is Susanna, young and evasive; leaving them, he joins a band of maquis some of whom are to be killed, while Jean Nicolas is wounded, rescued by some monks, and finds himself again with Susanna and her family, with whom he crosses the border into Switzerland. The philosophic dialogues of war, death etc, plus the poetic overcast characteristic of the Prokosch novels, will appeal to his special audience, but the average reader will find it produces an aura of cloudiness rather than atmosphere.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1945
Publisher: Harper