THE CONSPIRATORS by Frederic Prokosch


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Provocative, but perhaps a slighter book than his previous novels, but with the odd held and the intense, exotic,often unreal stylistic beauty which gives his work its strange appeal. The novel is simply the story of a kill, set in Lisbon, present day amalgam of all Europe. Vincent, a Dutchman, framed and sent to prison by a Nazi, escapes with only one intent, the death of the man who sent him there. Second to revenge is his desire to see Irina, whom he had loved, but who has taken another lover, Hugo, whose strong physical appeal outweighed her instinctive distrust and dislike, Vincent's search through the Underground for the identity of his victim, his meeting again with Irina, the realization that Hugo is the man he is seeking, and the murder -- this makes the story.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1942
Publisher: Harper