THE SOONER TO SLEEP by Frederic Van de Water


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Impish, entertaining comedy of Vermont that recounts the female friction of two powerloving women as they battle for supremacy. Agatha Carroll, ex-actress into dowager, takes on Vera wood, poet and eating, with Juanita Preble, engaged to Adatha's , now in the service, caught between their skirmishes. In a manless world, with no , the opening engagement is over Vera's getting the local painter to work for her, when he had promised Agatha his time. Then come the strategic moves to appropriate , Agatha's brother, on a short leave, which climax in Juanita's orders, for the good of the Family, to try her wiles on Greg to keep him away from Vera. Juanita is almost successful, but a malicious gander reveals the plot to Greg and he leaves. Roger arrives in time to save Juanita's sanity and Vera, now snubbed by Greg and the painter, given Agatha the honors by default. Recalls the earlier Mrs. Applagate's Alfair in its light touch with freewheeling females.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1945
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce