DELUXE TOUR by Frederic Wakeman


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A 30 day Deluxe Tour with some twelve people is a sort of Grand Hotel on the move, but taste is not one of the available luxuries- and sex is the chief tourist attraction. You will travel with Dolly Blanchard, a middle-aged blonde with a youthful taste for Arturo Lazia, who likes Doly's money; the Wharfs, who brawl- Philip has every reason to be jealous of his wife Diana; Joe Weir, interested only in making money- and keeping it- with a dubious rare picture deal; Mimi, his wife, a former chanteuse, who leaves Joe for a seedy cabaret; the Draytons, newlyweds- but Michael Drayton's impotence leads to his suicide , after he has appraised a Raphael for Joe Weir; and finally the Sampsons- an elderly couple- who complete the trip with the decision to retire in Naples, Florida.... For all the expensive elegance of this world, this is really pretty cheap and is only for rental stay-at-homes.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1956
Publisher: Rinehart