SHORE LEAVE by Frederic Wakeman


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In fast, hardmouthed terms, a restless disquieting portrayal of the emotional byproducts of war, as four naval pilots, from the Pacific, spend their shore leave in San Francisco. Schooled never to go beyond anything save the oversimplified essentials, a mission when on duty, liquor and women when off, they go to the St. Francis to spend days and nights of two-handed drinking with anything available by way of wenches. Indifferent to the past, to their wives, throwing their minds and their feelings into neutral, this is their story -- the story of the Pilot, of Missipp, of Crewson, of Mac. It reads with intensity and immediacy, with no illusion and little prettifying, and with a certain impact -- but not a book for the patient Griseldas or cautious librarians.

Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart