THE GOSPELS: Th by Frederick C. Grant


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A generation ago Dr. Frederick C. Grant wrote The Growth of the Gospels, a survey of their study from 1900-1930. Since then, as in physical science, much progress has been made in the areas of literary and historical study, as well as philosophy and theology. In the latter, much work has been done in literary analysis, stimulated by the German emphasis on Form Criticism, or Form History. This text takes the student back to the creative stage in early church history, when the Gospel traditions were beginning to crystallize in writing, at first in brief collections or sources, and then in the written Gospels of Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John. All of this, and more, Dr. Grant, who is professor of New Testament at Union Theological Seminary, New York, incorporates into this new and fresh study of the New Testament. There is no better scholarship available in this field; students of Biblical literature, professional and otherwise will be grateful for this new study which makes so readily available the latest and best of modern scholarship.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1957
Publisher: Harper