HE POOH PERPLEX by Frederick C. rews


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Some pooh-perfect exegeses, explications and exemplifications in the advanced abc's of the academy bring new light to bear on Christopher Robin's sentiment-stuffed animal world. A perpetual graduate student of the Harvard Yard makes his A La Recherche du Pooh Perdu in terms of its wistful Weltschmerz; a Marxian type ritic finds many unfortunate distinctions (like Sir Pooh de Bear); a little magazine big mouth (Fiedler) examines the soft underbelly of the Pooh world-- ""there's that real wild couplet... God bless Mummy, I know that's right/ Wasn't it fun in the ath tonight""; Yale's most popular professor gives the jazzy poop on Winnie in a modern novel course; a Christian Humanist's moral instruction includes the lapsus Pooh's treetop tumble); a German-Freudian disciple finds every kind of disastrous mptom clinically to signify; etc., etc.... ""Joke Ha Ha"" said Eeyore. Well, it certainly is, one of the brightest in a long time and pinning the tail on this onkey should be the best intellectual party game of the year. This is magnificent nonsense... Illustrated. Footnotes. Suggested (3) study program. (4) 1. Pooh is a typo. N.B. the printer...... 2. Viz pluperfect. The pluperfect is generally used to denote an action in the past now terminated- i.e. many grownups ad flipped (vulg. var.) over Winnie the Pooh. 3. Required reading for the campus laque. Hopefully everybody. 4. Crews is a Professor of English at the Univ. of California.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1963
Publisher: Dutton