PICTURE POSTCARD by Frederick D. Huebner


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In Huebner's first hard-cover, Seattle lawyer Matt Riordan (Judgement by Fire, etc.) tangles with art-forgers, the mob, a murderer who was never caught, an artist who was framed for murder, and a corpse who is very much alive when his friend, pretty Lisa Thayer, insists that someone is flooding the market with fakes purporting to be by her dead grandfather, Lee (he drove his car off a cliff in a storm, and his body never surfaced). The more Riordan digs, the more suspicious Lee's circle of friends appear: his executor commits suicide; his boyhood chum, now a respected art dealer, is being forced to launder money for the mob; and the man who was charged years ago with the murder of Thayer's girlfriend is killed soon after his release from prison. Plus: a bomb detonates under Lisa's car; the DEA is very much interested in the case; and it seems that not all the Thayer fakes are fakes after all. Eventually all the paintings are identified, as are the bodies, and there's a bittersweet meeting between Lisa and the person who sent her a ""faked"" Thayer postcard. Wordy, with a too-tidy wrap-up. And if there's ever been a lawyer who pays less attention to his practice than Riordan, we have yet to learn of him.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1990
Publisher: Fawcett Columbine