SCALPS AND TOMAHAWKS by Frederick Drimmer


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Legion are the stories of white men---and women--- captured and forced to live with American Indian tribes. But here are 15 such tales which are verified beyond doubt, and which tell in the captives' words exactly what such an ordeal was like. The author spent years tracing, unearthing, and documenting these stories. His volume proves the work was well worthwhile. Dr. John Knight's eyewitnessing of the burning of Col. Crawford after capture; James Smith's 5 years among the Mohawks; John Tanner's 30 years as a ""white Indian"" with the Ottowas; Nelson Lee's 3 years as a Comanche captive and his dramatic 56 day escape; Fanny Kelly's escape from the Sioux and her consequent saving of Fort Sully from a surprise attack; these alone are stories charged with such accurate descriptions of Indian life--- and cruelty---as to become vital documents in the history of the West. A certain repetition in the 15 stories somewhat detracts from the overall dramatic movement of the book, but it is a minor flaw in an otherwise good work.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1961
Publisher: Coward-McCann