SHAPING THE FUTURE: Resources for the Post-Modern World by Frederick Ferre

SHAPING THE FUTURE: Resources for the Post-Modern World

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Our world, says philosopher of religion FerrÉ, is ending, and we'd best start preparing for the next. Not only is the ambiguous fruit of modernity (science, critical analysis, technology) becoming lethal, but the mythic matrix nurturing our common vision is breaking down. In the face of widespread alienation, nuclear nightmares, the projections of Heilbroner and the Club of Rome, and renewed respect for pre-modern consciousness, allegiance to the modern religion of scientism is on the wane. But only a complete alternative system of values, born from a fresh coalition of our religious and philosophical traditions and more suited to a finite world of scaled-down aspirations, can make the ""post-modern world"" a hopeful prospect. In this border time of cultural relativity and social fragmentation, the best possibility rests in a mythic pluralism (i.e., a freely accepted variety of basic premises of faith) grounded in a shared commitment to such post-modern values as thoroughgoing equilibrium (between man and nature, soul and body, etc.), holistic vision, and creative freedom. FerrÉ's diagnosis of our predicament seems more solid and intriguing than his prescription for it: provocative analysis of where we are, murky speculations on where we're headed.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row