THE DOGS OF WAR by Frederick Forsyth
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More jackals -- and better than The Odessa File -- the terrain this time is a godforsaken little kingdom of nothing called Zangaro on the coast of West Africa now put on the map for one James Manson of Manson Consolidated Mining Company Ltd. by a mineral deposit thought to be tin, later revealed as platinum. There seem to be only two kinds of people in the world, at any rate Forsyth's, namely predators and grazers; Manson is one of the former but so is the mercenary Cat Shannon from Ulster whom he hires to take over the republic of Zangaro and dispose of its Papa Doc president. Commando style. That's Shannon. He also has a hard-to-beat panache (""Don't threaten me. It costs a fortune in flowers."") and, by the close, something more you will never have suspected. Before that time, however, this deals with the apparatus, Forsyth's forte, of the 100 day coup and it's all precision timed and metered down to the last mm. Definitely a man's man of a book -- audacious and authoritative.

Pub Date: July 15th, 1974
Publisher: Viking