I LOVE LIFE: A Living Portrait of John XXIII. Prophet of a World at Peace by Frederick Franck

I LOVE LIFE: A Living Portrait of John XXIII. Prophet of a World at Peace

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He was not a Catholic; he knew almost no one in Rome; ""the only cardinals he had been face to face with...were the ones that nest in a tree."" But Mr. Franck, disciple and delineator of Schweitzer, was attracted to the Ecumenical Council by the wise and gentle words of Pope John; he wanted to record the great event. In a very personal memoir that is sometimes irritating, sometimes absorbing, he tells how he gained entree to Cardinals and Council; he fills in Pope John's background and repeats his reputed quips on pomp and protocol as well as his serious sayings; he describes the drama of the closing session of Vatican II and the impressive ceremony of canonization; he pays extended tribute to Pope John's unique character and achievements. Some readers may become impatient with the intermingling of observations, impressions, reflections and information; others will identify with the author and appreciate his final decision to construct a chapel in the Pope's memory; anyone can enjoy the deft drawings which echo the spirit and substance of the text. For those who stick it out, an implied boost for personal initiative--in Pope John and in his portrayer.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1967
Publisher: St. Martin's Press