THE BASEBALL STORY by Frederick G. Liab


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The controversy marches on. This- tops among the current spate of diamond documentation traces the game back to the Nile League of 2000 BC (or even farther, to the first ape that batted cocouts with a fallen branch). The statisticians will complain that hieroglyphics have not revealed the Di Maggi of the Pyramid Club... From the Sahara to the New World- as the ""macaronis"" with straw skimmers and handle-bar moustaches played ""the New York Game"" of the 1850's. From there, the gay illiterates of post bellum days take the field and doff their hats to the ""ladies"" sections, peopled by their bosom friends of the tenderloin. Finally, he reaches the relatively modern and far better known era of diamond recordings in thorough coverage. The heroes, the goats, the great teams and managers, and the comet like one season stars, all get spare in a fact-crammed book which provides good reading for the literate blowher fans. The author is well known in sports writing circles.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1950
Publisher: Putnam