IRISH LULLABY by Frederick Hazlitt Brannan


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A really pleasant Irish comedy in which poverty, religion, and the conflicts of the small town of Glencurry produce a teacup tempest. Although the Fitzpatricks are anti Church, the Church, in the person of Father Gaffney, does not despair of them, and with the ""miracle"" of Dion's being saved when all aboard the Lucky Shamrockare lost in an explosion, is able to claim one who has felt the hand of God. This is not for Dion even if the new half American school teacher is taming his wild young sister, Moyra, and when Moyra fouls his young friend, Kenneth, in a horse race and the truth of his ""miracle"" is revealed. Dion rate off for America in a small boat. When he comes on the survivors of the wrack there is another wave of excitement before Glencurry settles down. Entertaining episodes in rhythmic Gaelio phrasing, this has definite charm.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1950
Publisher: Rinehart