WRATH OF THE EAGLES by Frederick Heydenau


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Stirring material, this tale of guerilla warfare among the Chetniks, colorful, detailed, but in narrative interest somewhat slow motion. The setting is Yugoslavia, where a young American of Serbian descent, is working with the Chetnik band to instruct them in the use of much needed supplies brought by American submarine. He too has much to learn, as he becomes one of them. He adjusts himself to life in the woods, learns how their operations function despite lack of communications, of materials of warfare; he realises the greatness of their solitary fight, the spirit of their women, the valor of their operation as they wreck an air field, destroy enemy transports, capture prisoners, hold out against use of gas, even take a town. With the coming of all-out invasion of Europe, he rejoins the allies, and sees that relief is sent to the stalwart Chetniks. The elements of a great story are here, but the narrative style fails to give then the pace they demand.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1943
Publisher: Dutton