I BELIEVE IN MAN by Frederick K. Stamm


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More in this book than in most others, the titles of the five chapters give more than a clue to what is to be found in the book: 1. Man is a Person. 2. Man is More Important Than He Thinks. 3. Man Can Have a First hand Acquaintance with God. 4. Man Can Win the Battle with Evil. 5. Jesus Believed in Man... If this sounds a bit as if the book belongs in the ""Pull yourself up by your own bootstrap"" category, it is not unfair to say that it does. God creates man with potentials; Jesus lives among men to set an example; man nobly rises to higher and better things by responding to the best when he sees it. Such books serve their purpose as an antidote to those others who would despair of man, but it hardly comes to grips with the basic anxieties which a man feels because he is ""made in the image of God"" from whom he is estranged. Dr. Frederick K. Stamm is a noted preacher. The book would make a better appeal as the spoken, rather than the written, word.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1959
Publisher: Abingdon