THE LAYMAN'S ROLE TODAY by Frederick K. Wentz


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The author, professor of Church History at Gettysburg Theological Seminary, draws together here themes that have become increasingly matters of discussion in church life, especially in the World Council of Churches: the character and ministry of the layman in the world. Four sections organize the twelve chapters and deal with: the need for a new layman; his way of life; his ministry in the world; and the resources offered in the church for his ministry. An epilogue, ""Agents of Reconciliation"", summarizes the main thrust of the discussion. The author includes a great deal of anecdotal and illustrative material in the development of his topics. His insights are clear, although they do not go very far beyond what has been said in other literature in this field, and are not always worked out with the sharpness and detail they would seem to deserve. The abundance of illustrative and quoted material makes for a certain repetitiousness of style. At the same time, the book will prove useful for church groups and laymen who wish to explore further their role in today's world.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday