MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE by Frederick King Poole


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Like Poole's short-to-middling shrift treatments of Indonesia and The Philippines (both KR, 1971), this sluggish compilation gives population breakdowns, lists of major and developing industries, and a condensed political blueprint. Yet Poole never expands on the ethnic differences that have led to major race riots since Malaysian independence, and when he does try to slip in a few cultural highlights they are more distorting than helpful. A Hindu festival of penance, mentioned briefly in a rundown of multi-ethic holidays, is merely a macabre, out of context, curiosity. And a one-paragraph description of Islamic religion calls up vision of periodic holy wars. Poole is some what better on the two nations' ties to Britain, and in capturing the ambience of their relative prosperity. But though potentially useful for those who might want the bare facts instead of an entire Land and Peoples treatment, this offers little more than an encyclopedia reference ad is only marginally more inviting

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Franklin Watts