GIDGET by Frederick Kohner


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Another youngster, fifteen going on sixteen, records a summer in the sun at Malibu in her own ""terrible vocabulary"" and adds a pert footnote to the aunals of the tender age. Pulled out of the Pacific by Jeff, Franzie is called the gidget (small girl- a girl midget- gidget) by Jeff and his fraternity of urf-ums who have found a special life- as well as language- on the beach there and allow her to tag along, teach her to surf-ride. Brooding over the fact that she's not only too small-but too young to be noticed, Franzie borrows a little from Francoise agan to impress Jeff, finally crashes an all night beach party where she does not belong- to face a glowering Jeff but the older, protective Cass than teaches her to wait for the experience for which she is unready.... Not important, but there will be those to find that the gidget- with her impudence and innocence- is a cut widget.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1957
ISBN: 0425179621
Publisher: Putnam