GRAVEN WITH FLINT by Frederick L. Coe


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A story of the adventures of two boys of the European Cro-Magnons ""before the dawn of history"". Hia, son of Hi, formerly a chief and now a painter, with his friend Ag, and Wag the wolf, encounters many dangers in his explorations -- the troglodytes, the terrible Half Men, Mu, the tiger, the great mastodon, Mag, and a pack of wolves of which he must kill ten to prove his innocence against the unjust accusations of Nu, the Maker of Spells. After the death of his father, Hia and Ag search for a new region in which to settle and lead the tribe to the new country -- now Spain. Although the colloquial Americanese spoken by the boys is a bit unsettling, the scholarship of the author, who has done extensive research on the subject at Yale's Peabody Museum, makes this an exciting picture of human life twenty-five thousand years ago.

Publisher: Crowell