EUROPE ON THE EVE by Frederick L. Schuman


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A gigantic piece of work, tracing almost day by day the machinations of France, England, Germany and Italy, culminating in the present situation. The scene opens with Hitler's advent to power, his Nazi ideology, the defiance of the democracies with the disarmament conference of 1933. Step by step analysis of the concessions made -- prearranged sell-outs to Fascism rather than risking an opening for the Red menace. Ethiopia, Austria, Spain, China, Czechoslovakia, sops to Cerberus, with England bargaining with their enemies, and France perforce following. England and France are seen as second rate powers, hands tied, waiting to see the outcome of the struggle between Moscow and Fascism. The author's bibliography is as overwhelming as his research, and includes all official records of the period. Too detailed and scientific in scope for gross popular consumption, but invaluable as a background book for all interested. Probably the most authoritative to date.

Publisher: Knopf